Success story | The Inspirational And Motivational Story Of Milkha Singh

Success story | The Inspirational And Motivational Story Of Milkha Singh

Success story –
here you can read the motivational and inspirational success story of Milkha Singh. Also, read how he gets success in his life.

1. This Success story helps you to focus on your goal like Milkha Singh.

  • Sardar Milkha Singh was not fast in any race, he was not running fast, the reason for his success was that he had some goal every time.

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/* If you also want to be successful in your life, then first you have to set your goal and set a goal that does not give you even a little rest. */

 Milkha Singh’s first race…………….

  • Milkha Singh did not win the race for the first time because he was fast running, He won because he wanted a glass of milk.
  • The coach tells them that whoever wins will get a big glass of milk for an extra diet. Could not run, had a stomachache, The friend then said that Bhag Milkha Bhag, stood up again and started running and won the race, there was a clear focus on the mind.
 /* You become where you focus in your life. Bill Gates said that the secret to my success is that I have focused on very few things */

 Milkha Singh’s second race…………….

  • Then after this, he did not win the race for the second time because he was fast in running.
  • He won because he wants to wear India’s jacket. Got mad that I would wear India’s jacket.
  • It was outrageous, after that many people were beaten Milkha Singh, Wound in the leg, After that everyone said do not participate in the race, But India’s jacket, India’s jacket.
  • there was only one thing going on in mind, that Wants to wear India’s jacket. Sardar Milkha Singh used to win because he had a goal in his mind every time.

 /* The problem is not that you have never been able to achieve the goal, the problem is that you have never been able to make the goal.*/

 Milkha Singh’s third race…………….

  • When Sardar Milkha Singh lost to Australia Then his coach gave him a paper and wrote 45.9. Then Milkha Singh printed 45.9 in his mind. Put that paper at the feet of Guru Nanak Dev.
  • he went to the mountains to practice and the coach beat him and made him practice and blood came out of the mouth, tire of running away, Could not get up then, Sardar Milkha Singh’s coach said that I want that paperback.
  • After that again Milkha Singh stood up and started running and did not give up. Whenever Milkha Singh won the race, he had a clear target of 45.9 on his mind.
  • When he came after defeating in Pakistan, before that his goal was that one day there should be a holiday in the country in my name too. Promised his girlfriend. Then after that, he got the title of Flying Sikh in Pakistan.

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 2. This Success story helps you to identify your distraction.

  • Lost in the pre-qualifying race in Australia you know why: Because he had visited Australia for the first time and saw beautiful girls there.
  • Milkha Singh deviated from his goal and in the evening he was taken to the party and started singing there. His whole mind wandered into music And they drank too much beer. Lost in the pre-qualifying race. After that, he finds out what is distracting him from his goal

/* distraction and direction are inversely proportionate, When your distraction is over, your direction will intensify and when your direction is over, your distraction will increase. */
  • When Milkha Singh came to know of his distraction, a goal was clear in his mind that Whatever causes my distraction, I have to deny it.
 /* Find out the distraction of your life today, write it once so that it never distracts you. */
  • He identified his distraction. He did not give a chance to anyone to distracts him. opponents coach said to Milkha Singh this can be your last race then he replied I will run likewise.
  • Now neither diverting attention from the opposition nor with the girls, frightful focus created and he won the race. became a fierce focus.

 3. This Success story helps you to raise your standard

  • Milkha Singh never proved himself, he always improved himself. This is why he has become successful in his life, he has always improved himself and never wants to prove it.
  • So to succeed in life, improve yourself. Therefore, to be successful in life, it is important to improve oneself.

 /* always keep improving your self. don’t prove yourself, always improve yourself. */


  • Coaches, mentors, guides are very important in our lives.
  • Sardar Milkha Singh did not leave his coach till the last, They kept saying that I had won 77 races in 80.
  • But I would give full credit to my coach and the Indian Army who enabled me for this.

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